Move, I have characters to fangirl over.

Hello good sir, the name's Ayla, how do you do? I enjoy writing, reading, figure skating, British YouTubers, intelligence, history, photography, and guns. I'm hopelessly addicted to and obsessed with Supernatural. Dean and Sam and Cas and THEY ARE JUST SO FUCKING ADORABLE. You know who else is adorable? Jamie Campbell Bower. He's beyond scrumptious. (The Mortal Instruments is now my favorite movie (I ship Jary/Clace all the way) *squeals*) I also like glitter/sparkle (it's a figure skater thing) and rainbows. Which the whole rainbow thing could be because I'm a FLAMING HOMOSEXUAL. Not really. Ok, well maybe a little. And the last tidbit of info is that I love Photoshop and graphic design. Most people think I'm crazy. That's the way I like it.

  • 31 August 2013
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